An Effective Negotiator is a Good Manager

A management opportunity occurs when two or more people have a conflict . Whether it is a barroom brawl or settling a dispute those who take the initiative will typically prevail. Unlike a fight where blows are thrown, in a negotiation the combatants typically must feign civility and control. In the absence of absolute power, initiative and leadership are among the most reliable tactics used to win.

Those involved in a dispute comprise a small group and respond to group dynamics. They need to be managed. Mediators are effective in settling disputes because they have the mantle of authority. They take control and manage the settlement process. Negotiators should adopt certain mediating techniques.

How does one take control of an informal group? By exerting influence and demonstrating leadership traits. This can be done by initiate the call to arrange for the meeting, offering to host the meeting where you will have the ability to perform administrative tasks through your staff for the group, and preparing and presenting (or have on the table) an agenda for the meeting. These seem like small things but they demonstrate your confidence, your can-do attitude, and your control of the environment. All that is left is for you to control the discussion. That is not as easy. But you will have made a good start.

Managing a negotiation requires you to delegate responsibilities not only to your co-negotiators, if any, but to the other side. This delegation of assignments serves not only to get the job done but also to give everyone a vested interest in the outcome. A mediator advances the process by directing and delegating the participants in a mediation. This process serves to make both parties valuable to the process, more equal in their respective statures, and, ultimately, more likely to be able to come to reach an agreement.

In a negotiation, group participation can have a similar impact. That is, by getting both sides involved in working together, the resulting ‘attitude’ should be more supportive of reaching a mutually viable accord. To get two people openly at odds to work together start with simple tasks that are unrelated to the primary issue. Suggest the other person come with you to the coffee room to help get the coffee, cream and sugar. Another approach may be to suggest methods of sharing information, “If I can explain to you how I have valued the property will you demonstrate to me your cost basis?” This gets the parties involved in valuing a piece of real estate by working together. It calls upon each to be an expert in their own right.

Managing the negotiation process will enable you to settle more conflicts. People, for the most part, want to be led. That is human nature. By making small decisions easier for them, they will be inclined to go along with you. In the process, you are becoming an informal group leader. That leadership role should pay off when you have reach the final decision and need to get the other party to sign the agreement document or commit to the deal.

Finding a Funny Present

Present buying always takes a long time to complete because you want to make sure you are getting the best gift possible. You want this present to be thoughtful and useful at the same time. This is where many people fail.

They buy presents that people could use but have put no thought into whether the person actually likes it or not. This is why buying funny t-shirts are great present ideas.

Everyone wears t-shirts because they are such a versatile piece of a person’s wardrobe. When you buy funny ones for people who appreciate a good sense of humor, you are adding in the thoughtful part of the gift equation.

Most people end up buying clothing as presents anyway, so you might as well make sure the person actually will wear the clothing you buy. By buying something as personal as funny t-shirts, you are ensuring that they actually will like the shirt.

They will not feel obligated to wear it, but instead they will want to wear the shirt. Because they like a good sense of humor, they will value the fact that you took the time to find a humorous shirt for them. You will score bonus points if you find one that matches their quirky sense of humor.

Because funny t-shirts are small so and inexpensive, you will feel good about yourself because you will be able to get them multiple presents.

You will not have to break the bank to give someone a great birthday or graduation. Regardless of the occasion, these shirts will make an impact as a great gift. Although you will be buying the person clothing, you will not have to feel bad about your decision. You did not make this shirt your last resort gift like most clothing usually is.

You thought this out and knew that they would love this humor on their shirts.

In addition, using funny t-shirts as presents is a good idea because they are so versatile. You are not stuck buying them only for one demographic or person.

Both men and women of most ages will appreciate this humor. It can be a unique piece of clothing in their wardrobe that they are able to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

The next time you are in need of a present for the humorous person in your life, consider turning these humorous shirts into a great present.

Weight Loss and Life Occur in the Present

Weight Loss and Life Occur in the Present

Someone, I am not quite sure of the author, once said, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift – that is why we call it the present.” Anyone who has ever lost weight has been faced with that moment where he or she was forced to make a decision, to move through an obstacle, to conquer a fear. To lose weight you must live in the present.

I met a man today. The man was about my height but he weighed perhaps close to 400 pounds. After we engaged in small talk for several moments, I asked him whether we was ready to change his life and his weight. He wasn’t. Maybe I wasn’t the one to deliver the message to this man, perhaps mine was not even the correct message for him. Perhaps the time was not perfect for him.

How much of your life is lost either dwelling on the past or worrying about the future? When your thoughts are imprisoned by the past or fearful of the future you miss out on one of life’s greatest gifts: that which is happening today and indeed this very moment.

When your mind (and therefore your energy) is focused on yesterday or tomorrow, your involvement in the present moment is impoverished and today passes you by as a squandered opportunity or an unnoticed stranger.
How often have you felt yourself being pulled back by yesterday? “I’ll never be able to lose weight. I’ve always struggled with my weight. I want to change but I’m scared to move on,” I have said all of these things to myself. Perhaps you have said those same things to yourself. Perhaps the man I spoke with today said those very things to himself. Perhaps not.

The reality is that when you are hoping and praying your weight will change by grasping onto what was or what may be some day – your ability to move forward will be confined by your inability to make the most of today. Throw off the shackles of fear, indecisiveness, uncertainty and free yourself for the life that awaits you.

The key is putting your effort into today. Putting your effort into the present moment. By doing so, you will reap the rewards of seeing the world in a fundamentally new and fresh way. Awareness of the present will provide you with a feeling of control of your life. You must feel that you have some degree of control over your life before you can really deal with your weight.

We all enjoy reminiscing about the past and planning for the future, but after you’ve done so, let these things go. Today is what really matters, irrespective of how imperfect it might seem. It is your attitude, your intention, your focus towards today that counts.

You may have control over very little today but one thing is for certain – you can choose pay close attention to the present. For example, the next time a stranger approaches you and strikes up a conversation quell the storm by reining in your mind and your actions to that moment, the present. Find your way back to the perfect present and the world will open up to you with all of today’s wonderful opportunities.

Oh, by the way, yesterday, I met another man while standing in line. He was morbidly obese. We made small talk, I asked him the question, “Is today the day you change your life and your weight?” He said, “Yes.”